What  charmed beauty is the love of my life. Here she stands with hands akimbo and with unblushed smiles. She is an angel sent to me by God and I shall always cherish and love her. She has grown into a young lady of balance and having a loving and caring attitude.

The innocence and charmed beauty of this young woman is a treasure to remember, her sweet and adoring  ways has always been refreshingly beautiful. She always seemed like she did not have any care in life. Her daddy was her life. She always wanted to know that he was fine and that he was coming home from work. She was overly protective of him, and if you speak ill-will of her dad, then you spoke ill-will of her too.

What Joy and solace she has brought into my life, she is the quintessential rubies and diamond that money cannot purchase, because she priceless as those minerals are priceless. The over-arching love of her presence and the shared adoration that we have of each other is immeasurable. When oft I look at this picture images of her childhood come rushing like a mighty torrent cascading into my spirit leaving me awash with unsurpassed memories of charm, innocence, and beauty.

Michelle (our last daughter) has been a unique young woman, her drive and enthusiasm is infectious. Her ever-present smile is endearing as it is engaging, yet she can be serious when she wants to be and yet be business like and assertive when the need is warranted.  The sky is the limit for this young lady, because the has the ambition and the drive to go places and and scale new heights. You go girl you are destined to be great.

Look at these four children, they are someone’s offspring. They are suffering from malnutrition or a disease called kwashiorkor, it is the bulging of the belly due to excessive malnutrition, some of these children will die because of a lack of some of the basic necessities of life. Was Michelle better than these Children, NO! She just happened to be born in a different region of the world where abundance is the norm.

Also look at these precious boys and girls, look at the smiles on their faces. They radiate love, innocence and a spirit of being carefree. Is all well with them? Definitely no! But as children – want is only a passing notion until they miss a meal. I love them and I admire them. Now you may retort, “How can he love these children and he has never seen them, maybe he does not even know which country they are from.” I do not have to know those details.  You see there is a universality about children that is precious. Most times they are innocent, they do not have a care in the world, they are given what their parents have and you know what, they joyfully receive it.

Just as I give thanks for Michelle, let us pause for a moment and give thanks to God for the many children whose unspoken sufferings go unanswered and unnoticed; yet they are God’s precious gift to the world. Pray for them!

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